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Probably there ain’t much to tell on this one-of–a-kind exhibition except, Fabulous!!! Both artsy taste and unique fabrics came along altogether. The Triumvirate blends many sophisticated style on sophisticated fabrics as well. From Batik to cotton, pillow to beautiful dress. All were combined into very unique mixtures. Perhaps, we can also call it TEXTILE IN STYLE for sure. As a matter of fact, an exhibition such this is almost hard to find nowadays, since there aren’t much fiber/fabric artists who held an exhibition. On the other hand, exhibition such as paintings, installation, sculptures, are definitely huge and gaining more and more appreciation. Thus, by holding this event, they wanted to speak their “invisible” existence through their art. Of course, after we saw one of their works, we’ll be amused and amazed.

Caroline Rika (32), Abdul Syukur Syam (30) and Rifqi Sukma (29) are graduates from FSR ISI, majoring Textile Crafts, and they put great concerns on the medium. Each has different aesthetic inclinations and exploration techniques. Fiber in Rika’s hands becomes ‘jumputan’ (a tie-dye technique), in assorted cute rounded forms. Abdul Syukur created a number of unique knots into three-dimensional objects. Rifqi embroidered and sequined fabrics into textured surfaces.

The three approaches fabric with explorative manners. Rifqi uses polyester and cotton. Abdul uses synthetic textile colorants to give colors. Rika also uses Naphtol and Indigosol to give colors. She applies ‘truntum’ motif in forming the bird patterns, which in this case is using batik-print technique. She also uses embroideries in attaching labels on her works.

Their artworks’ visual forms are different from the usual fiber art that people commonly see in the batik art or tapestry. In modern terms, their artworks are demonstrating contemporary forms. It means, the way they work is not restricted by the traditional style and rules. These form explorations bring forth the shape of personal expressions, constructing unique stylizations and styles. In this case, we could appreciate their artworks as the window of opportunity in doing many new form explorations. Thread in this case becoming an object work, assembled from various types of materials. The Javanese spiritual form, that usually appears in Batik – known for its long and hard process – is shown in a sophisticated transformation without losing its root. Batik, can also be combined with other style of fabrics and coloring techniques.

This is the exhibition that displays explorations of medium, and at the same time as a sign that fiber art itself, in their explorations, acquires fresh and expressive forms. The forms—born from the process of ‘jumputan’, knotting, embroidery, and sequin—are not merely a bunch of threads, but also texts that everyone can see them in their conceptual context. (Adi Renaldi)

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