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MAY 26-29 2009
Lembaga Indonesia Prancis

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Denis Brun, a soon-to-be-huge artist had a chance to hold an exhibition along with Jogjakarta’s best artists on May 26-29 at LIP Jogjakarta. The exhibition entitled “Yogyakarta Uber-Alles” was part of Printemp Francais or France Spring Season, an annual art exhibition series held by LIP Jogjakarta. Mr.Brun also collaborated with many artists to express his art spirit. He also works on many media such as video, collage, ceramics, acrylics, and so on. He designed a cool unique dress with Simponi Mode Group and composed a contemporary-experimental music with Disko Wishes. Disko Wishes consists of three musician playing bass, keyboard/synth, and laptop which include a top-notch visual art on a giant screen. They brought 5 songs on their set list at the beginning of the opening night on 26 of May.

After a great performance from Disko Wishes, the exhibition room – located on the right side of the auditorium – was opened. Inside we can see the finest work of arts from LoveHateLove, Denis Brun, Terra Bajraghosa on different platforms. There are painted-raincoat and painted t-shirts, and other great paintings from Lovehatelove, a young talented and potential graffiti artist from Jogjakarta.

Before ran this exhibition, this Marseille-based artist had stayed in Jogjakarta for two months to learn about the people, customs and culture in every corner of the city. This exhibition though, is the presentation of the process of assimilation that he did during the adaptation and learning. After this exhibition, he had been scheduled to hold another art exhibition in Surabaya. (Adi Renaldi)


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